Time-Based Media/Video II

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This upper‐division course is intended for students pursuing advanced study in time‐based art forms such as single channel film/video, live performance, internet art, sound art, film/ video installation, and event‐based projects. Course content will be tailored to the practices of students in the class while supporting the exploration of new thematic and formal areas. Activities may include in‐class creative assignments, readings, screenings, field trips, student and guest presentations, professional development exercises, critiques, and the production of original works of time‐based art.

Download as PDF: Spring 2009 Time-Based Media/Video II Syllabus

Level: Upper-Division Undergraduate/Graduate

Katy Hoffer (MFA, Film/Video Production), “Man vs. Hog,” experimental video, Spring 2009.
Char Banach (MFA, Graphic Design), “Bullet and Suitcase,” digital animation, Spring 2009.