Performative book chapter in which The National Toxic Land and Labor Conservation Service (“National TLC Service”) delivers a final report summarizing the history of the agency, discussing its operations within the current state of atomic commemoration, and reporting real progress in fulfilling the long-term goal of collaboratively re-routing Cold War public memory. The last decade has witnessed periodic spikes in public concern over nuclear security and a steady increase in awareness of the toxic legacies faced by Indigenous communities alongside the largest new investments in warheads weapons delivery systems since the end of the Cold War. Annotations in the margins provide an overlay of personal and academic reflections on the occasion of the agency’s ten-year anniversary.


Kanouse, Sarah and Shiloh Krupar. “The National Toxic Land/Labor Conservation Service: Recovering an Atomic Commons.” In Livia Monnet, ed. Toxic Immanence Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2022, 174-196.