Summer 2022 Screenings + Recent Exhibitions

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An image of a butte superimposed with watercolor painting and a piece of barbed wire is overlaid by the text "Upcoming Grassland Screenings"

I’m thrilled to be finally screening Grassland (2019) where it was filmed –  Colorado! Honored to be in dialogue with the work of so many other amazing filmmakers in these thoughtfully curated programs.

Friday, July 15
Collective Misnomer Screening Series
8:30 PM @The Art Park lawn
1930 35th Street
Denver, CO 80216

Saturday, August 6
Mimesis Documentary Festival
4 PM @ Boedecker Cinema
2590 Walnut St
Boulder, CO 80302

A People’s Atlas of Nuclear Colorado

Last fall, Shiloh Krupar and I released A People’s Atlas of Nuclear Coloradoa digital public humanities project bringing together artworks, essays, site descriptions, and issue briefs about the ongoing nuclear legacies in a state that is in many ways a microcosm of the larger domestic footprint of the U.S. nuclear weapons project. First Delta and Omicron frustrated our “book” release plans, but we did a few public talks (see this video of a panel at the Mortara Center at Georgetown), have gotten some favorable reviews (sorry for the paywall), and will be doing some further events in the fall in Denver, Boulder, and New York. Stay tuned…

Stepping Down from the National TLC Service

Shiloh Krupar and I step down as interim co-directors of the National Toxic Land/Labor Conservation Service in a recently released performative book chapter in Toxic Immanence (edited by Livia Monnet, McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2022). We leave the agency where it started – as an improvisational thought experiment, a hopeful and hilarious vision of how government might operate differently – with gratitude for the brilliant conversations and thoughtful designs proposed by differently positioned nuclear communities over the last decade.

A grid of book covers with the words "Over the Levee Under the Plow: An Experiential Curriculum" superimposed.

Mostly due to the hard work and persistence of Ryan Griffis, the artists’ booklets and prompt cards that were originally produced in 2019-2020 for the HKW’s Mississippi: An Anthropocene River are now available online for viewing, download, or print purchase. Great work by Corrine TeedHeather ParrishNicholas Brown, and Rozalinda Borcila, as well as Ryan and myself. These books and cards were also exhibited in the 2021 Minnesota Museum of American Art Biennial (along with other elements of our Anthropocene Field Station) and the exhibition The Overflow at Chicago’s Co-Prosperity Sphere