A People’s Atlas of the Nuclear Colorado is a digital public humanities project that documents and interprets the relational geographies of nuclear materials developed and deployed by the United States. With contributions by scholars, students, and artists, the Atlas offers the public an opportunity to explore, research, and document nuclear materials and ecologies of Colorado.

Powered by the Scalar publishing platform, the Atlas is loosely organized around the nuclear fuel cycle, from extraction, milling, and processing to the assembly and deployment of weapons to the storage and monitoring of waste. It challenges, however, conventional models of this process by weaving in its “shadow side:” environmental contamination, workplace exposures, boom and bust economies, geopolitical instability. Navigable both by browsing thematic paths and searching by keyword, the Atlas is structured to articulate scalar relationships—between the local and the planetary, between policy and the personal. It presents cartographic, textual and image-based information on nuclear processes in order to foster active interpretation and meaning-making on the part of its users. The Atlas seeks to be a living document that infuses discussion about nuclear policy and memory with humanistic forms of inquiry and public engagement.

Select Media and Events

Interview with Shiloh Krupar by Gabriella Gricius and Bridgett Neff-Hickman, Disrupt Podcast, November 30, 2021.

Georgetown University, Mortara Center for International Studies, “Spatial Justice as Research Practice,” panel with Hokulani K Aikau, Alex Gil, Vernadette V Gonzalez, Sarah Kanouse, and Shiloh Krupar, chaired by Arjun Shankar with respondent Joanna Guldi, September 21, 2021.

Northeastern University, Center for Maps, Texts, and Networks, “At People’s Atlas of Nuclear Colorado,” panel co-chaired by Sarah Kanouse and Shiloh Krupar, with Atlas contributors Stephanie Malin, Abbey Hepner, Mallory Quetawki, Jen Richter, Gretchen Heefner, Nareg Kuyumjian, Marion Hourdequin, Yuki Miyamoto, and Kate Chandler.

Interview by Kyveli Mavrokordopolou, “Spotting Radioactive Hot Spots” Ecoes 1 (2021): 80-91.


Kanouse, Sarah and Shiloh Krupar, eds. “A People’s Atlas of Nuclear Colorado,” www.coloradonuclearatlas.org, 2021-. Funded in part by Georgetown  University.