“Region From Below: Power Plants” maps the coal- and corn- economies of the American Midwest. It features four pop-out stories detailing alternatives to the corn- and coal-shed and spotlighting places where coal and corn come together. The original map is installed with historical maps that describe other geographical imaginations of the region. In addition to the maps, a take-home ‘quiz’ asks questions from the factual to the fanciful to help readers re-orient themselves to these resources.


Download PDF of map: Region From Below


AREA: Art Research Education Activism, Vol. 9, Fall 2009 (special insert)


Buffalo, NY – University at Buffalo Art Gallery, “Precious Cargo”

Chicago, IL – Mess Hall, “Collectivism After Collapse”

Chicago, IL – Smart Museum, “Heartland”


Compass, “The Region from Below: Power Plants”, 2009