“What the Market Bares” is a site-specific video installation concerning labor migration and material culture. Responding obliquely to tensions between the Serbian diaspora and townspeople who remained behind, the artists set up a free photo booth in the town square offering a portrait to anyone who would share a sentence on one thing they bring from abroad or one thing they receive from above. The photographer were assembled into a looping video installation projected on the windshield of a workers’ bus in the main station of the small town of Kučevo during the thematic artist residency, “The Return of the Gastarbeiter.”


Drunken Boat 12, an online journal of art and literature, Fall 2010.


San Francisco, CA – University of California Santa Cruz, “Intervene! Interrupt! Art as Social Practice”

Berkeley, CA – University of California, Worth Rider Gallery, “Out of TimeSpace”

Kučevo, Serbia – Stanica, “Dolasci/Polasci”


Greenwald, Dara and Sarah Kanouse, “What the Market Bares,” 2007, HD video, 3 minute 47 second loop.