ISP Bloomington was a site-specific transmission performance for the campus of Indiana University meditating on the relationships between education, incarceration, and speech. I spent six hours walking the campus of Indiana University as if it were Indiana State Prison. Guided by a handheld GPS unit, I traced the footprint of the state’s first prison (founded 1860) on the campus of the state’s flagship university (founded 1820). A transmitter in my backpack broadcast a stream of information on the two campuses, as well as ambient sound and conversations from the students, activists, and artists I invited to walk with me. The GPS unit recorded my movements, and I output the thin, wavering lines as a drawing atop a satellite image of the campus.


Carbondale, IL – University Museum, “Combined Faculty Exhibition”

Bloomington, IN – Indiana University SOFA Gallery, “Perform.Media”


Kanouse, Sarah, “ISP Bloomington,” 2006.